Ultimate Martial Arts

*Tae Kwon Do * Hapkido * Korean Karate


Symbolizes maturity in the student, and is also the opposite of white, indicating that the student is unharmed by darkness

Blocking Routine

Low block (open hand), throat strike, back leg front kick

Knife hand guarding block, shift to front stance and punch, shift to back stance and inner forearm block

Low growing strike, twin forearm block in front stance

Knife hand guarding block (back stance), hook punch into hand, step into side kick

Low block (open hand), inverted knife hand strike

Kicking Routine

Low knife hand guarding block, 360 degree hook kick

Jump split front kick

Jump back leg round kick, 360 degree side kick

Hapkido Defenses

Leg bar: From right knee, palm heel strike opponent's right inside knee while sweeping the ankle with your left hand. Next, grab the ankle with your left hand and press forward with your right forearm to take down. Wrap your right arm tightly around opponent's lower calf and apply the small circle wrist extension to drive your radial bone into opponent's Achilles tendon.

Shoulder throw: Opponent attempts a two hand front choke. Grab right arm with your left hand. Swing your right arm over opponent's left elbow and shoot it down and across to the other side. Place the inside of your right elbow under opponent's right armpit and lift as you step in and pivot the ball of your right foot (be sure to squat low). Throw opponent straight over our shoulder.

Arm lock against across punch: Opponent swings toward face. Move to outside and hook your right wrist around opponent's elbow joint. Keep the forearm trapped tightly to your chest and bow forward to bring opponent to the ground.

Three Steps

Punch one, inner forearm back fist. Punch two, low push block. Punch three, circle block ridge hand.

Punch one, open hand brush block. Punch two, open hand brush block. Punch three, jump spin side kick.

Punch one, rising block punch. Punch two, rising block kick to the growing. Punch three, grab fist with both hands, twist and break arm over shoulder.

Punch one, push block punch. Punch two, push block punch. Punch three, push block move behind opponent and sleeper hold or snap neck.

Weapons Form

Bow form: WonHyo l

Sword form: WonHyo 2

Breaking Technique

360 degree spin hook kick

Hammer fist through one brick