Ultimate Martial Arts

*Tae Kwon Do * Hapkido * Korean Karate


Symbolizes the fertile soil from which plants will grow.

Blocking Routine

Down block, double punch

Rising block, double punch

Knife hand guarding block

Twin forearm block

Knife hand strike

Kicking Routine

Front kick, moving forward back leg round kick

Jab punch, back leg side kick

Moving forward spin side kick

Grab Defenses

Cross wrist grab: Peel thumb, press wrist toward opponent

Cross wrist grab: Grab meaty portion of hand, twist and grab elbow with pressure

Diagonal wrist grab: turn both wrists and push block with both hands

Opponent grabs wrist with both hands: take free hand and reach through arms grabbing your fist and step back as you pull out

Diagonal wrist grab: grab thumb pull hand off and use other hand to also grab circle foot around and take down opponent.

Attacker lunges with strike or grab: knife hand block and take down opponent with a behind the leg sweep

One Steps

Step back, grab wrist, back leg front kick, elbow strike

Step forward to inside (horse riding stance), knife hand strike and knife hand block at the same time

Side kick, knife hand strike to neck

Arm up, step forward to inside (horse riding stance), reverse inner forearm block, slapping chest at same time, left hand grab wrist, right hand knife hand strike to neck, reach behind head and pull forward, right knee to stomach